116: Meet Whitney Patterson

Whether it's the ideal period-specific light fixture, the perfect cocktail or a new furry or feathered friend, educator and collector Whitney Patterson is always on the hunt for her next amazing find.

1. Name, occupation, years in LR, neighborhood: Whitney Patterson; school Counselor; I grew up in NLR but have lived in LR since 2003, when I started college at UALR; I currently live in the Central High School Historic Neighborhood.

2. You are an excellent curator of interesting objects and art. What are your three most recent home finds in LR? That's a very kind compliment!  I do a good bit of hunting for specific items, and most of my decor is sourced locally and on the cheap. If I happen to die an untimely death, my husband will have the estate sale to end all estate sales, so stay tuned.

a. Signed work by William Emmet "Bill" Davis, an Arkansas photographer with a long and varied career.  The Arkansas Arts Center will have an exhibition of Davis' work opening  January, 24 2017!

b. A gorgeous old carpet with saturated colors, and geometric patterns. 

c.  This one isn't recent, but it's a real heart breaker: A late Milo Baughman for Thayer-Coggin dining table with bronze geometric bases. Tragically, the Habitat for Humanity Restore employees THREW AWAY the leaves to the table! Until I get around to replacing them (good luck matching that rosewood veneer), it will continue to underachieve in our office as an oversized, but functional desk. 

3. What is your favorite thing about your neighborhood? Aside from the architecture (most of which pre-dates the school and is stunning, if you haven't explored the area), my favorite part of living near Central High is the sense of connection and friendship I have with my neighbors.  In other neighborhoods, people park in their garages and don't know the person living next door. Not here! Nary a dog walk goes by without encountering friends who are sitting on their porches, taking a break from a home renovation project, or walking with their own pets and children through the tree-lined streets.  An added bonus: if you need a specialized tool, or some advice about your plumbing, it's likely that someone within earshot has been there, done that, and has one you can borrow!

4. It's Friday night -- what are you up to? Happy hour with my husband, John Steel, and friends at Raduno on S. Main Street.  My order will likely consist of the following items: the Roman sour, the gorgonzola/sausage cheese dip, and the spicy tomato soup!  

5. What is Little Rock's best kept secret? As anyone who lives in the area will tell you, Little Rock's best kept secrets are its lesser-known residential historic areas, like Dunbar, Central High, Wright Ave., 12th Street, Capital Hill, Oak Forest, etc. When you move into any one of these neighborhoods, you become a part of something bigger than your comfort zone. Little Rock's oldest communities are rich with the complex history of our city, and headed toward bright futures because of the dedicated community groups, families, and neighbors who have been, and continue, working tirelessly to make it so.  

Now, if we're talking food, K.Hall and Sons grocery store at the intersection of Wright Ave. and Battery Streets has an uh-mazing Saturday seafood special--get there early because the lines are long!