Happy New Year!

So...where have we been?

Three years ago, I set out to interview a different local every day for 365 days. The site caught on almost immediately and I was so excited to have several thousand followers after the first month. 

Photo by eglavin / flickr

Photo by eglavin / flickr

Then April hit. I went to work for a start-up company that kept me busier than anything else I'd ever done in my life. I missed one day of posting, then a second, then a third...then I became so overwhelmed that I just couldn't even think about catching up. I attempted to recruit some help, but I could never really find a good fit. 

In the meantime, I received so many positive messages and questions -- my little site had caught on and people were really curious about the fate of ilovelittlerockAR.com.

Fast forward. The company I was working for was sold (which I knew would eventually happen) and I found myself with a little more time on my hands. I felt like it was a great time to jump back in. With a less lofty goal for the site (2-3 blogs per week rather than every day), I am excited to officially relaunch this New Year's Day 2017.

We have some awesome locals lined up and we'll periodically check in with the first round of locals (so many life changes, so many new babies...and even an engagement from a couple who met because of this site!). 

To all the original readers, thanks for giving us another whirl. To any new readers, welcome! I truly believe it's the locals who put the heart in the heart of Arkansas -- and I'm happy to introduce them to you. 

Happy New Year,
Founder/Admin, ilovelittlerockAR.com

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