103: Meet Roland Burnham

1. Name, occupation, years in LR, neighborhood: Roland Burnham; freelance artist;  I've spent most of my life in Little Rock in the Kingwood area, 14 years spent in the little town of Paron in Saline County.

2. Who or what has inspired your recent works of art? As a freelance artist, I mostly depend on the suggestions of the art buyer for ideas. My latest works being bowling pin portraits, I must use photos that show all angles of the face and hands. Even President Clinton had a bowling pin portrait commissioned for him. That pin stayed in the White House for 8 years, displayed in the Office of Information. Other art that I do is purely my own imagination.

3. What is, hands down, your favorite meal you can only get in Little Rock?  Hands down, my favorite meal can only be found at Thirst N' Howl. Called the Balstovitch Slider, two small pulled pork sandwiches with an onion ring on top,  served with homemade macaroni salad and baked beans.  There are other variations of content, and if you go in on a Razorback game day, you must ask for it by another name: The Razorback Slider.

4. Finish this sentence: My perfect evening in Little Rock involves...First Thursdays in Hillcrest.  I like to go in Gallery 26 and try to find my nephew Ross' hidden art, Listen to the live music and nibble on a cookie...maybe have a bit of wine. The gallery has been good to me.

5. What do you think is Little Rock's best kept secret? To me, the obvious answer to Little Rock's best kept secret is Balstovitch. This past year was the 35th anniversary of the appearance of Balstovitch on a Little Rock wall. Mary Jane Sawyer and myself went about on Facebook promoting his image again, to bring back memories of another time and another kind of music.  We invited over 400 people who may have remembered him from 1978-79, to a Thirst N' Howl unveiling of the newest Balstovitch painted near the stage. Exactly 30 people showed up and it was considered a success.  Still I believe he is still hidden from the conscious minds of those who have remained in LR for 35 years.  Further unveiling of the secret can be found on Facebook.com/BalstoVision or go to Balsto on YouTube for video interviews and more.