88: Meet Rett Thompson

When you think of Little Rock, lacrosse may not immediately come to mind. Rett Thompson is working to change that.

The two faces of Rett Thompson

The two faces of Rett Thompson

1. Name, occupation, years in LR, neighborhood: Rett Thompson; Marketing Director at Crye-Leike Real Estate; 22 years in Little Rock; Midtown.

2. What kind of outdoor activities do you enjoy? Anywhere I can take my dog, I'm there. Outdoor patios, nature trails, dog parks, there's hardly ever a time where I'm going outside without my dog, Benji. If I'm not with Benji I'm playing and coaching lacrosse here in Little Rock. I played lacrosse in college and when I came back there wasn't much lacrosse here in Central Arkansas. I was lucky enough to meet a great group of people from all over the country and together we created Little Rock Lacrosse, a nonprofit that promotes the sport here in Little Rock. It's pretty exciting to see kids learn a new sport that some of them have never heard of before. Plus we have a traveling men's lacrosse team that has taken off in just a couple months and that has been a lot of fun to play on.

3. If you could only eat at one local restaurant for a month, what would it be? I feel like I should by tired of pizza by this point in my life, but it's still--hands down--my favorite food. There are a lot of great pizza places around Little Rock, but there is one that I never hear anyone mention and it's my favorite: Grady's Pizza. Their pizzas still tastes the exact same as when I was a kid. Plus, those guys do not skimp on the toppings. 

4. Having grown up here, what has surprised you the most about living here as an adult When you go to other larger cities you always have to factor in traffic. I don't think I realized how good I've had it here in Little Rock until I spent time in other big cities. Granted you will have that morning and evening congestion, but you can go across town in 20 minutes with no problem. 

5. Finish this sentence: My job is awesome because...it's fun to be apart of the buying/selling of homes here in Central Arkansas and marketing for eight branches keeps me on my toes. I'm not the one who sells the home, but I like to think I help make the phone ring.

Catch Rett and his Little Rock Lightening teammates on the field against Shreveport today at War Memorial Stadium, 11 a.m.