63: Meet Dana Vickerson

Dana Vickerson is passionate about eating vegan and she's not afraid to blog about it.


1. Name, occupation, years in LR, neighborhood: Dana Vickerson; Project Manager (working towards my architecture license) at JBP Architects in Little Rock; 5 years; Levy/North Little Rock.

2. What inspired you to start your blog, Vanishing Veggie? I have been a vegan for almost six years, but I still hadn't sorted out my path to health. I have battled depression for years, but after starting yoga at Barefoot Studios, I started focusing on making my life better and happier. I wanted to show people that they could be vegan, healthy and eat great around Little Rock. 

3. Which local restaurants do you think are the most vegan-friendly? Izzy's in West Little Rock, the Root Cafe and Loblolly in SoMa, Lilly's Dim Sum, Layla’s, and Taj Mahal off of Rodney Parham and Cafe 5501 in the Heights, which hosted our vegan supper club this year. Zaza's, Big Orange and Local Lime all do a great job of offering local, fresh and vegan friendly items as well.

4. It's a random Saturday -- what's on your agenda? My favorite Saturdays in the city are when the Vintage Market at the Bernice Garden is happening. I hit the market with friends, grabbing an amazing vegan chickpea salad sandwich from the Green Cuisine food truck for brunch.  Then, I'd make my rounds at local farmers' markets, Kroger and Whole Foods for items to cook all day, then settle into my kitchen to make things and take photographs.   

5. Where do you make sure to take out-of-town guests when they visit? When my friends come in from out of town, I always take them to Barefoot Studios.  If I'm lucky, there will be a Give and Glow yoga class going on that weekend. They're incredibly fun. I also love to take my friends on bike rides on our beautiful trail or for a hike up Pinnacle Mountain.  For my birthday last year, I took my out of town friends on a tour of the Rock Town Distillery, then to dinner at Lilly's Dim Sum. It was a wonderful evening!

Follow Dana's vegan adventures on her blog, Vanishing Veggie. And since Dana won't brag on herself, let me tell you that she is has received her LEED certification (affirms advanced knowledge in green building).That stuff is hard, y'all.