82: Meet Ileaa Swift

Ileaa Swift is a mover, a shaker and an innovator in the way Little Rockers travel.

1. Name, occupation, years in LR, neighborhood: Ileaa Swift, owner of local business Swift Travel Deals; Little Rock area resident for 11 years.  

2. What do you always look forward to coming home to? I've traveled all around the world and met some amazing people, but nothing compares to the warmth and grace of the beautiful people in Little Rock. Everyone is so pleasant and welcoming and will brighten your day by greeting you with a hand wave and a smile, which is something you rarely find in a city. Also, I am always happy when I am surrounded by people that I absolutely love....my beautiful family and friends in the Little Rock area. 

3. What is, hands down, your favorite meal you can only get in (or around) Little Rock? I absolutely love the All Natural Roast Chicken The Red Door restaurant on Old Cantrell Road and the Idaho Trout at YaYa's Euro Bistro on Chenal Parkway. I would love to try everything on both of their menus as they offer a large combination/variety of cuisines. And both restaurants post pictures of their amazing dishes and specials on their Facebook pages...which is great for foodies like myself. 

4. What have been your three favorite recent local style finds? Whether your style is chic, sexy or eccentric, you can always find trendy pieces to stay up to date and fashionable by visiting the clothing stores that are located at The Promenade at Chenal. I love so many of the shops around Little Rock, but Indigo on Chenal Parkway is my favorite offering a variety of different brands for those who like to stay trendy and aren't afraid to mix colors, fabrics and textures to create their own signature fashion style. I plan to attend the July 2014 Little Rock Fashion Week (created by Brandon D. Campbell)  which is one of the fastest growing fashion weeks in America. It's also a great way to learn about the newest fashion trends and designers in the Little Rock area.

5. Finish this sentence: My job is awesome because... I love people, culture and our beautiful earth. I feel a deep sense of personal satisfaction in being connected to the people in Arkansas and around the world that I work with. Traveling the world and seeing poverty and hardships gave me a refreshing new perspective on life and inspired me to volunteer and become more active in my own community. I recently launched my Swift Travel Deals Travel with a Purpose Program that allows travelers the opportunity to travel the world for leisure while also participating in service projects such as beach clean-ups and volunteering at orphanages, hospitals, etc. It is my hope that, through this kind of specialized travel, my clients will become more socially and environmentally aware.

Learn more about Ilea's Travel with a Purpose program on Swift Travel Deals' Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.