81: Meet Bree Schmidt

Native Oklahoman enjoys getting anywhere in town within 10 minutes...and that may just be enough to keep her here a while. Well, that and Pizza D's.

1. Name, occupation, years in LR, neighborhood: Bree Schmidt. I’m a freelance writer. I’ve lived in Little Rock for 2.5 years. I started out in West Little Rock, but now live at that weird spot where Kavanaugh meets Markham. Instagram sometimes tells me it’s Hillcrest and sometimes Capitol View/Stifft Station. I’m within walking distance of Pizza D’s, which is one of the most convenient things of my life.

2. What has surprised you the most about living in LR? Honestly, how small Little Rock is. I moved here from Oklahoma City, which land-area wise is huge. It baffles me when people here complain about driving to West Little Rock from downtown or North Little Rock. Also, there’s so much better beer here. I love living in a state with more lax liquor laws that allow more breweries to distribute.

3. If you ate a different meal at a different local restaurant for a day, what would they be? Brunch would take place at Bar Louie (they allow dogs on their patio and have $2 mimosas--I can’t ask for more than that). I’d do lunch at either Big Orange (sub almost anything with beef for the fried chicken patty, trust) or Local Lime (I live for the chorizo tacos, topped with the verde tomatillo salsa and double rice on the side). For dinner, steak at South On Main. Or anything at Bruno’s. Or… You know what? I’m a fat kid, I could list off food forever.

4. Finish this sentence: My perfect evening in Little Rock involves…dinner and drinks at either The Pantry, Flying Saucer or Pizza D’s with friends. If not that, then I’m usually doing a little late-night writing while listening to some Kanye in the back corner of the sweet A-frame IHOP on Markham and University.

5. What do you like to do on your day off? What are those?