80: Meet Mike Mullins

Three band man Mike Mullins loves live music and is not afraid to talk about it.

1. Name, occupation, years in LR, neighborhood: Mike Mullins; by day I'm a Cleanroom Technician for a local optical encoder and motion systems company, by night I handle guitar and vocal duties for Mothwind, Underclaire, and The Year of the Tiger. I've spent about six or seven years living in Little Rock; in the Quapaw/6th street area, mostly, but I've also had short stints in the Rock Street Lofts downtown and in the Stifft Station area.

2. What has been your favorite live show you've seen in LR? Hmmm...I'd say my favorite show was Circa Survive in 2010ish at The Village. I was a huge fan of this band and I wasn't aware of very many people that listened to them. Turned out to be a well-attended show!  The fans in Little Rock didn't disappoint them; it was an amazing, energetic and uplifting night.

3. If you ate a different meal at a different local restaurant for a day, what would they be? For breakfast I'd hit up Bosco's (blueberry pancakes, bacon, and coffee).  Lunch would be at Pho Thanh My (iced Vietnamese coffee and the T3 broken rice plate--char-glazed pork & steamed sausage cake. For dinner, I'd have to go with the grilled house-mad bratwurst (replete with roasted potatoes, sauerkraut, and spicy mustard) from The Pantry--I can say enough about that dish, it is simple and perfect!

4. What has surprised you most about living in LR? Anyone in a band will tell you that a getting a good practice-place can be the difference between success and failure. Many years ago, someone had the brilliant idea to rent out office spaces to bands on an empty floor in the old Hall building (at Capitol & Louisiana). Around the same time that I moved to Little Rock, Underclaire rented one of these office spaces. We were one of the first bands in there, I think; but soon many of the other spaces filled up as bands heard about this awesome place.  This was when I really got a sense of a music scene--stepping outside our room, into the hallway, and being bombarded with varying genres, volumes, and notes. We could climb out on the nearby rooftop and just listen as the music would exit open windows, bounce off the nearby buildings and return, washing over us in the night air.  We could walk down the hallways and run into friends, acquaintances, the hangers-on, and devoted fans.  It was always alive there--you were alive there. 

5. What do you think is Little Rock's best kept secret?  It's a safe bet that Barry Poynter/Poynter Recording are Little Rock's best kept secret. Ok, he's not really a secret in the right circles, but I think it would surprise a lot of people to know that they have a world-class-ear producer/engineer right here in the area!  Barry has produced and recorded Ho-Hum, Living Sacrifice, The Juliana Theory, to name a few.  He has produced works for Saturday Night Live, South Park, and HBO. His studio is really amazing and he has a work ethic that cultivates creativity and success through knowledge and experience. Barry is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet!