76: Meet Jordan Smith

Quapaw resident Jordan Smith loves SoMa, sleeping in, breakfast and live music. Sounds like my kind of Little Rocker. 

1. Name, occupation, years in LR, neighborhood: Jordan Smith; Client Consultant at iProv, LLC; I am responsible for 11 years in LR; I live in Quapaw/South Main.

2. If you could only eat at one local restaurant for a month, what would it be? The Root--you  cannot go wrong with anything on the menu! The burger and sweet potato fries are a life changer. The atmosphere is fantastic, the staff is always super friendly and you are always guaranteed to see someone you know. Also, now that that they can serve Diamond Bear beer, you can make lunch last for much longer than you anticipated (not to mention more fun)!  With plenty of vegetarian options, you can also take anyone there for lunch or breakfast.  

3. It's  your day off -- what's on your agenda? I like to wake up late, go to The Root or Delicious Temptations for breakfast (DT's has the best yogurt blueberry pancakes) then maybe a bike ride on one of the pedestrian bridges downtown. Little Rock has done a great job of making sure other forms of transportation are easily accessible. The bike and pedestrian paths that connect the four bridges as well as well as the newly installed Main Street bike lane are great.

After an afternoon of pancakes and bike riding, I usually like to finish a night on the town with dinner and/or drinks on South on Main, which is a fantastic new addition to the newly renovated South Main district of Little Rock.  I then generally catch a show at White Water Tavern, and finish up the night with a whiskey and a book or movie in bed at home. 

4. Where do you make sure to take out-of-town guests when they visit? The Clinton Library or Central High School. Little Rock is historically rich in so many ways. The Diamond Bear Brewery or Rock Town Distillery tours are also great to take visitors on. I also try to take anyone who visits Little Rock to White Water Tavern.  There are so many great local bands in Little Rock, from bands like Colin vs. Adam and Velvet Kente (to name few) there is an emerging music and entertainment scene in Little Rock that is really exciting. Beer and liquor are cheap at WWT and there is an eclectic mix of young people and regulars that have been frequent bar flies for a couple of decades. The mix of people always makes for an interesting weekend conversation.  You never know what type of conversation or experience you will have there, but it is always an interesting one.