61: Meet Lizzie Burnham

If you love live music, chances are you've run into Lizzie Burnham a time or three. 

1. Name, occupation, years in LR, neighborhood: Lizzie Burnham; Assistant Theater Manager at the new CALS Ron Robinson Theater and crafter I've been in The Heights area come 28 years this April, with a 4-year jaunt in Richmond, IN, for my undergraduate studies at Earlham College

2. What has been your favorite album to come out of Little Rock in the past five years? This is a tough one because there are so many amazing artists. I could ramble on a deal about this, and some would probably argue and that's their right, but I believe Adam Faucett's 'More Like a Temple' is the best to come out of our humble city in the past five years. It's simultaneously haunting and shiver inducing, but it clearly displays his love and attentiveness to his craft. Seriously everyone should check him out. 

2. What has been the best live show you've seen here? As for favorite live show, I've been to so many that again it's hard to settle on one. I will say that one of the most memorable was The Revival Tour 2009 at Juanita's when it was still on South Main Street.  Seeing Frank Turner, Jon & Chad from Drag The River, Jim Ward from Sparta, Audra Mae, and Chuck Ragan with nineteen other dedicated music lovers was something else. I just want to thank everyone who puts their blood, sweat, and tears in to booking and bringing live music to Little Rock. I've seen a lot of things I normally wouldn't have seen without you and for that I am immensely grateful.  Keep up the excellent work! 

3. What is, hands down, your favorite meal you can only get in Little Rock? Though I don't frequent many restaurants these days, I am absolutely in love with the toasted chicken curry salad sandwich and the shiitake mushroom burger at The Root. They aren't exotic dishes, but they are done well. Plus, it's a pleasure being met with a cozy atmosphere and smiles from the staff.

5. It's a Saturday -- what's on your agenda? I'm usually out finding local music at one of my favorite haunts or hanging out with friends. Either that, or I opt to stay in. I treat each Saturday differently and take them as they come at me.