34: Meet Nao Ueda

Law student and urban homesteader Nao Ueda is passionate about making her life in Little Rock a little (okay, a lot) greener.

1. Name, occupation, years in LR, neighborhood: Nao Ueda; law student; 21 years; downtown, specifically the MacArthur Park Historic Neighborhood.

2. Finish this sentence: My job is awesome because... I have never heard of anyone who thought law school was awesome. With that caveat, I do enjoy learning law. Law school, however, is more like fraternity hazing – something you have to go through to become a lawyer, but it is not enjoyable at all.

3. What is, hands down, your favorite meal you can only get in Little Rock? My partner and I tend to cook most of our meals at home, so I can’t think of one. Our recipes vary from Southern food to Japanese to Korean to Chinese to Indian to Italian to Mexican to Ethiopian.

4. It's a Saturday -- what's on your agenda? 

5. What do you think is LR's best kept secret? Life in Little Rock is easy and comfortable. The cost of living is low, and there is virtually no traffic. You can get to most places, including Pinnacle Mountain, in 15-30 minutes.

Because the cost of living is low, you can better balance work and life. My partner and I both bike, and we enjoy biking the River Trail. We also enjoy birding and hiking around Little Rock.

The best of all, people are friendly in Little Rock. It’s a wonderful place to live!

Editor's note: We were saddened to learn of Nao's passing, July 29, 2014. A tribute from her friends at Arkansas Master Naturalists can be read here.