57: Meet Stacy Sells

Corporate communicator Stacy Sells is a life-long lover of Little Rock.


1. Name, occupation, years in LR, neighborhood: Stacy Sells; I’ve been in the public relations field for over 25 years--15 of them as senior vice president at Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods; I’ve lived in Little Rock my entire life, with a brief stint in Fayetteville, and four years at Hendrix College; I live in the Heights, and it will be difficult to move me from here. I enjoy the mixed use of homes and restaurants and shops, and the cozy nature of houses built close to one another. It makes “being neighborly” much easier. 

2. If you ate a different meal at a different local restaurant for a day, what would they be? The morning would begin with breakfast at Leo’s Greek Castle in Hillcrest. I’ve been eating there since I was a teen. It’s a cozy place to enjoy a delicious breakfast at a great price. 

My mainstay lunch is usually The Copper Grill. If it’s calorie-watching day, I have the Salad Nicoise or the chargrilled Salmon. For a carefree day, I would definitely order the Pimento Cheese Burger. Deliciously sinful. 

For dinner the choice would be difficult. I adore the filet mignon and a spread of healthy vegetables at So Restaurant. But if it’s a blue jean night, it might be soft shell crab at The Faded Rose. And my recent favorite is Pork Cheeks and Rabbit Boudin at South on Main. Little Rock is very fortunate to have a plethora of many great restaurants. 

3. It's a random Sunday -- what's on your agenda? If I can be pried from a lazy day in my own neighborhood, Little Rock has several museums that are open on Sundays. Each one has terrific permanent galleries, and most of them always have special exhibits too. I’m especially fond of the Clinton Presidential Library, Historic Arkansas Museum, Central High Museum (always a favorite for out-of-town visitors) and the Arkansas Arts Center.  

4. Finish this sentence: My job is awesome because. . . being a public relations consultant means every day is different than the day before.  It’s a very exciting and always-interesting profession.

As a PR consultant, my job is to work with CJRW clients to create good relationships with their many audiences, and to manage their public reputation.  Over the years, I’ve learned much about so many different industries – public schools, higher education, hospitality establishments, natural gas and electric power companies, chambers of commerce, hospitals, convenience stores and many more.  I’ve also spent a good portion of my profession helping clients in the public policy arena. Not only have I learned much about a variety of industries, but I’ve also worked with some of Arkansas’ finest business and government leaders. I wouldn’t do anything else but what I’m doing. 

5. What do you think is LR's best kept secret? Definitely the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. My exposure to UAMS was rather limited until I developed a grim cancer in 2010.  While I’ve been cancer free for over three years now, I remain under the care of several UAMS physicians and have come to better understand and appreciate the unique patient services available at an academic medical center. Today all of my medical care is under the UAMS umbrella, and I continue to be amazed at how the research and education components of a teaching hospital positively impact patient care, including the “one patient-one chart” system that is unique to UAMS. It’s what sets apart an academic medical center from the rest. Little Rock, and Arkansas too, are extraordinarily lucky to have the presence of UAMS. It’s a real health care treasure.