56: Meet Bonnie Montgomery

Composer/opera singer by day and country crooner by night, Bonnie Montgomery is one hell of a talented lady. And she wrote an opera about Bill Clinton, y'all!

1. Name, occupation, years in LR, neighborhood:  Bonnie Montgomery, musician, 3 yrs in Little Rock (I moved to a farm outside LR last year, but I still drive in constantly!).

2. What do you think has been the best live album to come out of LR in the last 10 years?  Amasa Hines live at the White Water Tavern

3. If you ate a different meal at a different local restaurant for a day, what would they be? I'd probably start with breakfast at Boulevard (breakfast sandwich and americano), lunch at either Natchez or South on Main, then have a late steak dinner at Sonny Williams.  I wish I could squeeze a White Water burger or a delicious Thai soup from Saigon in there too...

4. It's a random Saturday -- what's on your agenda?  I don't really have traditional weekends because I'm a musician. Saturdays are usually days to rest before either playing a show or going to see one later.

5. What do you think it's Little Rock's best kept secret?  The music scene, whether it's classical, americana, metal, folk, punk, singer-songwriter, jazz, blues, bluegrass, gospel and everything in between.  There is such a rich musical culture here and a very supportive community of musicians in Little Rock. I think it's overlooked in comparison to other southern cities that are known for their music.

Go see/hear Bonnie play later tonight at the White Water TavernDownload, spin or listen to her music here and check out that Slick Willie opera!