52: Meet Kerri Case

Anyone who thinks life's bigger problems can be solved with napping and/or drinking pink champagne is someone we all should know.


1. Name, occupation, years in LR, neighborhood: Kerri Jackson Case; story teller; I'm 14 years into my 5-year plan. But it would take a pretty big life change for us to leave now; Midtown (also Otter Creek and Park Hill).

2. Where you like to go for bubbly and/or cocktails? My favorite drinking hole is easily the Capital Bar. Casa Manana patio is the perfect neighborhood joint when the weather is nice for margaritas. Local Lime is a fun spot as well. The tequila shots are totally unique. Fair warning: they go down really smooth. Pace yourself. No, really. Pace.yourself.

However, at this stage of our life, we don't go out as often as we might like. Sitters and such make it a hassle. More often than not, if we're drinking, we have friends over and someone brings something new to try. Little Rock's best feature actually is the people here. Sullivant's and Yancey's liquor stores are personal favorites for suggesting new items and carrying our favorites. 

3. What have been your favorite recent personal style finds (home or fashion)? Kelli Marks, my friend who owns Sweet Love bakery, has me totally into hunting for finds in flea markets, garage sales, and antique malls. Blue Suede Shoes in Bryant and Mid-owne Antique Mall have yielded some treasures. I keep bringing home pieces of furniture to refinish or paint or fix up in some way. They also provide plenty of material for my husband and I to fuss about. That's my reward for marrying someone as stubborn as me. 

4. What is, hands down, your favorite meal you can only get in Little Rock? For breakfast, Shipley's donuts are a family favorite. For lunch, ZaZa's salad. I can't pick one. They all make me happy to eat vegetables. For supper, the black bean and green taco plate at Local Lime has moved into first place for me. Bar manager Lee Edwards suggested bitters in the house margarita. My life is measurably better since the bitters (which pretty much tells you everything you need to know about me).

5. It's a random Sunday -- what's on your agenda? Sundays are quiet by design. In the morning, we go to Pulaski Heights Methodist Church. Afterward, we either grab brunch (almost always Loca Luna) or go home for something I've made. My husband, son and I go to our own spots in the house to read, nap, or play Legos. If the weather is nice, we'll venture out for a bit to either Meriwether Park a.k.a. Rocket Park or the playground at Williams Elementary. In the evening, I do laundry and get things ready for the coming week. After my son goes to bed, I sew, knit or do some sort of psychocrafting.

Follow Kerri's life adventures at drinksleepbekerri.com.