47: Meet Justin Slarks

Justin Slarks prefers to enjoy the beauty of Little Rock and the Natural State on two wheels.


1. Name, occupation, years in LR, neighborhood: Justin Slarks; Special-Ops at Chainwheel; 17 years and counting; Midtown.

2. What has surprised you the most about living in LR? I'm a Minnesota boy, but try my best to fit in. I'm surprised by the quality of people and quality of life. Arkansas is a bit of a kept secret if you haven't lived here. Not that I should be surprised, I just wouldn't have guessed it's as great as it is. People from outside the state have a challenged view. I correct them when given the opportunity, but don't let them in on ALL of the secrets.

 3. Your'e an avid biker--what are your favorite local places to ride?  I do love to ride. Naturally the River Trail system is fantastic and is yet another secret Arkansas has to offer. But the River Trail is also the gateway to bigger, better rides out west or out east of town. I have a lot of memories and a lot of stories of great rides here in Arkansas.

4. It's a Sunday -- what's on your agenda? My dream Sundays include big bike rides, tacos at El Palenque, a nap, a movie and time with family. Reality often intervenes and I get to pick two or three from the dream menu. Still, good living though.

5. Finish this sentence: My perfect evening in Little Rock involves... Southern food and the kids catching fireflies in the yard. Oh, and maybe a bike ride.