6: Meet Christie Turk

Never has being told to "use your inside voice" or that you're "living in sin" been so much fun. Christie Turk combines her love of art and typography with good ol' Southern wit and charm and applies them to the letterpress creations made in her backyard studio.

Christie with her husband and business partner, Caleb Pritchett. Photo by Arshia Khan.

Christie with her husband and business partner, Caleb Pritchett. Photo by Arshia Khan.

1. Name, occupation, years in LR, neighborhood: Christie Turk, Letterpress printer, 1/2 of Roll &Tumble Press, tattoo collector, thrift store junky, wino, type nerd, I have been here on and off since 1992, I live in the Historic Central High School neighborhood.

2. As an artist, where do you find inspiration in LR? The people, dive bars, my musician/food friends, breakfasts meetings with Caleb (my better half), walks in nature (hahaha...never--I hate the outdoors, unless it's on a patio, porch or deck). Speaking of patios, I like Pizza CafeBig Orange (when they open up the sides of that far room), Ciao Baci (early in the evening before it becomes a scene) and, of course, my own porch or that of a friend! I am still searching for the "perfect" one. 

3. You’re a bit of a foodie. What has been some of your favorite food finds? Some of my favorite meals from the last year were: The Hive at 21C Hotel (anything and everything), South On Main (chicken liver salad), The Fold28 Springs (in Siloam Springs), Local Lime (Dickson Chicken Enchilada and a frozen margarita), Greenhouse Grille (Fayetteville)..and my go to the midtown Big Orange (classic burger and fries), and my own kitchen (I love to cook).

4. What is one thing you and your son do when he comes home to visit? My son, Dylan, is in Fayetteville studying Art History/Architecture. We always eat some kind of Mexican (usually Local LimeThe FoldEl Porton or Cantina Laredo), Big Orange for burgers and Velvet Orange's and either wine or White Russians at home.

5. Who are some of your favorite local artists? Hmmm....I like the necklaces by Grace Mikell Ramsey, Paintings by John Kushmaul and Kathy Strause, I don't wear earrings, but I love the "howdy" earrings from Bangup Betty, pottery by Donna Uptigrove and the little painted houses by Cookie Golden. I am sure I am missing someone. Nationally the list is long!

Roll&Tumble prints have been sold at major retailers such as Urban Outfitters and Fab.com. Locally, her work can be viewed at Electric Heart Tattoos.