7: Meet Graham Gordy

Graham Gordy may be best known as a writer and actor (most recently for the Sundance Channel's critically acclaimed series Rectify). But I know him as a guy who can beat anyone in a fried chicken eating contest. And that's after he's already eaten six chicken breasts. 

1. Name, occupation, years in LR, neighborhood. Graham Gordy; Writer/screenwriter; Grew up in Conway. Moved to Little Rock from New York in 2008; Currently in Capitol View, but our house is for sale (so somebody buy it). We're staying in Little Rock, though.

2. Where do you like to spend time with your wife and two kiddos? As a family, we have a lot of park time. Mostly Allsopp and Murray. We see movies, go to The Wonder Place, the Museum of Discovery, and the Little Rock Zoo. When Amy and I have dates, our most common stops are South on Main, Gus's Fried Chicken, Big Orange, and The Capital Bar.

3. Do you have an favorite local writer? Charles Portis, if that counts (since he's not writing anymore). He's a legend, though still far too overlooked on the national scene. I just re-read DOG OF THE SOUTH. Even "funny" books aren't usually very funny, but Portis is not only hilarious, he's quintessentially Arkansan.

4. You're a man who notices details. What do you think is LR's best kept secret? I think all of Little Rock is a well-kept secret to the rest of the country. What's been building here over the last couple of decades is pretty remarkable, and every time I have a friend that comes to Little Rock for the first time, they say something like, "This is a great city. I mean it. I'm surprised." The fact that it's still mostly a secret is one of its greatest assets, though, since it's still so manageable. Little Rockians can wake up twenty minutes before an appointment anywhere in the city and still make it on time. 

5. When you are on location for work, what local flavors do you look forward to returning to? I've mentioned Gus's, the best thing to come through Little Rock since de Soto. South on Main is my other favorite new attraction since they have the best food and cocktails in the state. We love Whole Hog as well. The pulled-pork nachos cured me of six years of vegetarianism. I'm also encouraged by the food truck explosion--Kbird and the Waffle Wagon are my two current favorites. And I'd be remiss if I didn't say that the White Water Tavern remains as my favorite room/music venue on the planet. 

If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing Graham's 2010 film short Spanola Pepper Sauce Company, you probably should do so right now.