27: Meet Kirk Bradshaw

Kirk Meyer Bradshaw has been everywhere, man, but has come back to Little Rock to plant roots and make a home. And area non-profit organizations are happy he had his fundraising expertise in tow. Also--and totally coincidentally--this is my third interview with someone from Hamburg. They must have something fabulous in the water down there.


1. Name, occupation, years in LR, neighborhood: Kirk Meyer Bradshaw; grew up in Hamburg, Ark., went to undergrad in Louisiana, grad school in NYC, (with stints in Dallas and Atlanta) but came back to Little Rock and have been here for 15 years; started out in a great Hillcrest home on North Harrison Street and now love living off of Cedar Hill; Hillcrest and Riverdale are my favorite neighborhoods.

2. If you ate a different meal at a different local restaurant for a day, what would they be? That's a tough one because we have so many great places. Assuming I have the day off of work and if I stick close to home, I would start with a late lunch/brunch of eggs benedict at Loca Luna. Later, a mid-afternoon trip downtown for a drink and egg salad at the Capital Hotel Bar and Grill. A casual night would include a US Pizza salad supreme (with no black olives or cheese with the house dressing), lots of crackers, AND a large Mexican Chicken Pizza.  If not pizza, maybe a stop at SO for a fantastic steak and desert. If there is any energy left, maybe a quick stop at the Afterthought.

3. It's a Saturday -- what's on your agenda? Unfortunately, usually some errands. One of the great things about Little Rock is you can get a ton done in a day because traffic is not too bad. After that, a little tennis if the weather is good, a long jog along Rebsamen Park or maybe a workout at ClubHaus Fitness.  Then maybe a visit to my mother's new house (she and my stepdad just moved here) and finally a fun night with friends. I have a little group that always see whatever new show is playing at The Rep and we make a night of it. It's a great way to see a good show/keep in touch with my friends/support a great Arkansas non-profit/and then have a fantastic meal afterwards.

 4. Where do you make sure to take out-of-town guests when they visit? The Clinton Library and The Big Dam Bridge. For sure all the great stores, restaurants and art galleries in Hillcrest and the Heights.

5. What do you think is LR's best kept secret? I think most people have no idea of how beautiful this place is. Four seasons - water and mountains everywhere. We have REALLY REALLY REASONABLE real estate compared to most places. AND if you try and work hard enough, you can connect the dots and meet the people who will help you make a life in Little Rock.

Kirk is currently the chair of The Rep's 30th Saints and Sinner's black tie event, which will be held this weekend. Limited amounts of tickets are still available by calling (501) 378-0445, ext. 203 or emailing rlewis@therep.org.