17: Meet Randi Harville

PR Maven and lifestyle blogger Randi Harville embraces local living – warts, clichés and all.

1. Name, occupation, years in LR, neighborhood: Randi Harville; Public Relations Coordinator, CareLink; 7 years; Park Hill, North Little Rock.

2. It's Friday. What's on your agenda? Honestly? Food. Not unlike a toddler, my schedule revolves around mealtime and Little Rock is abundantly blessed with amazing restaurants. Really, you could probably eat at a different independent restaurant each night for a full year (not that I’ve done that or anything…). There is something for every taste. Want Petit Jean ham on your pizza and your salad? ZAZA. Want the best Italian food around while traveling back in time to 1989? Step into Graffiti’s. Want to eat good locally grown food amongst a sea of androgynous hairstyles? Get yourself to Root Café in SoMa.

3. How would you describe Little Rock to someone who has never been here? Little Rock is the smallest big city I’ve been to. Our downtown area looks like a kids block project that was never finished, with its two skyscrapers, but I really appreciate a capital city that still has a feel of community. What we may lack in development, we make up for in outdoor attractions with a beautiful natural backdrop: the River Market District, the Arkansas River Trail, Riverfest, Two Rivers Park. We’re just really proud of our rivers here. And bridges. If you like to walk across bridges, you’ll love it here!

4. What local places do you use to lure people to your side of the river? Three words: Clunker Car Night. That’s my favorite event at Dickey-Stephens Park. A Travelers baseball game with a gorgeous view of the city while eating a gourmet Popsicle is hard to beat, but numerous clunker cars being given away during the game just screams authentic Arkansas. I like that we are true to our roots here. Without even moving your clunker car, you can head on over to Creegan’s for Irish Car Bombs and Bangers & Mash after the game. There’s no better way to spend a Tuesday night than watching a live show of Tales from the South at Starving Artists Café in Argenta. Also, the dog park at Burns Park is a lovely place to sit while your dog walks itself.

5. What local stores do you like to visit? 1/2 of 1/2 in North Little Rock! It’s 1/2 treasure hunt, 1/2 yard sale. They offer name brand clothing that has been “customer-returned” (whatever that means). One day you might find a perfect BCBG dress and Steve Madden boots and another day you might find an Anthropologie sweater with all the buttons missing (and a distinct smell at no additional charge). You just never know. I’ve gotten some amazing items there --and other times I come out wondering what day it is while my eyes adjust to the light. If you’re up for a challenge, it’s worth a trip.