15: Meet Erin Lorenzen

State pride is en vogue and Erin Lorenzen may be to blame. Her iconic I [heart] AR shirts are popping up everywhere (including on my pup) and we are fully behind her propagation. But she's no one trick pony--this life-long Little Rocker is a Renaissance gal to reckon with.

1. Name, occupation, years in LR, neighborhood: Erin Lorenzen; Designer/Artist/Yoga teacher; 35 years; Downtown 

2. If you could only shop at one local store for a year (groceries and necessities excluded), what would it be? Box Turtle

3. It's a Saturday -- what's on your agenda? Not much. Saturday has finally become my agenda-free day.

4. Where do you make sure to take out-of-town guests when they visit? Arkansas Arts CenterClinton LibraryPinnacle Mountain, pimento cheese and drinks at the Capital Hotel bar (and patio), music at White Water Tavern, pool at Midtown, chicken and heart of palm soup at Cafe Bossa Nova, dirty martinis at Ciao Baci (patio), truffle burger at Big Orange, eggplant fries at the RootLoblolly /Green Corner StoreEsse Purse MuseumSouth on Main, baseball at Dickey Stephens, the State Fair...

5. What do you wish everyone knew about Little Rock?  I think the secret's out. Little Rock is finally starting to happen.

Erin's work will be on display at Gallery 26, January 18 - March 8. Meet the artist, hear the music of John Willis and peruse the gallery at the opening reception, Saturday, January 18.