13: Meet Ginger Beck

Smart, stylish and the kind of funky you only wish you could be, Ginger Beck is a welcome addition to Little Rock. She is passionate about music, art and leaving a lasting mark on the lives of the students she teaches.

1. Name, occupation, years in LR, neighborhood:  Ginger Beck, high school English teacher and booking/promotional agent for Trey Hawkins Band, 6 years in Little Rock.

2. You're relatively new to LR, what made you decide to move here? I love Arkansas. I wanted to be close enough to family in southeast Arkansas (roughly two hours away) but also at the hub of activity in the state. You know, city livin’ and all that. SEARK gets pretty small at times.

3. You're a big music fan -- what are your three favorite local bands? Trey Hawkins Band, of course! I also try not to miss shows by my friends Sean Michel and the Cons of Formant.

4. What do you do on a regular Saturday in LR? I go to lots of estate sales. My neighbor and I scope them out and hit them up all weekend sometimes. They are great places to find cool vintage stuff and cheaper furniture that can be upcycled. Saturday evenings I like to go downtown to Rev Room or Stickyz especially. There’s always a show worth going to. Our music scene here in Little Rock is very diverse, and you can catch some really big acts up close and personal. My friends and I usually hit our favorite restaurants first, either Sushi Cafe on Kavenaugh (the Hawaiian Roll and Miso soup are my favorites!) or La Hacienda on Cantrell. The Shrimp Alambre, which is grilled shrimp with pico de gallo and lots of cheese, is the best, along with the sweet dip.  

5. What is your favorite local event? Why? Riverfest is always fantastic because of the amount of great local and national music acts in one place. I also go love seeing the traveling Broadway shows at Robinson Music Center: West Side Story, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Wicked are just a few of the ones I’ve gone to see in the past year.  We are so lucky to get Broadway productions here in Little Rock; not everyone will get a chance to go to New York to see them, so having them come here is a real treat.