12: Meet Lee Edwards

A craftsman of the cocktail and a certified sommelier, Lee Edwards has changed the way we drink in Little Rock. 


1. Name, occupation, years in LR, neighborhood: Lee Edwards; Beverage Director for a local restaurant group (Local Lime Taco, Big Orange Burger & Zaza Pizza and Salad); born in Little Rock, living in Cammack Village.

2. Your job allows you to meet all sorts of people. Who is the most interesting person you've had sitting at your bar? Well, that's an essay question.  After years in the business, I have found that some of the most interesting people take a while to get to know. I've met and made many friends over the years. I sense you want me to name one person, but it's not my personality to pin myself into a corner like that.  Some of my favorites I don't see as often as I used to due to parenting responsibilities, but that's the cyclical nature of the industry.  

3. Do you have any favorite locally made concoctions or brews? Sure. I like what Loblolly is doing. I love agua fresca at independent Mexican restaurants. Maybe one of the best local convictions I've ever had was David Burnette's egg nog the first year he made it. There was a foam that topped it and was like drinking custard with the texture of a chilled cappuccino.  

4. What is the best kept secret in Little Rock? That's a good question. For restaurants, I'd say Brewster's 2 Cafe springs to mind. It's on South Arch. It's a 'joint' without any health food, but once you have some food there, you won't care about that. You will be happy ordering nothing but sides: greens, Mac and cheese, yams.  

5. How would you describe Little Rock to someone who has never been here? Little Rock let's people do whatever they want to do, really. You can live wherever you choose, and not have a very demanding drive to work or play. We definitely have four seasons, and we have amazing natural beauty. Pinnacle Mountain is so close. The state parks and lakes, and rivers. The restaurants are not Michelin star-worthy, but there are a number of places which can make people very happy on a consistent basis.