10: Meet Amy Garland Angel

Singer/songwriter Amy Garland has the voice of a well-traveled songbird, lyrics of a woman who has seen it all and a heart of absolute gold. Her 2000 release Plays Well With Others stayed in the CD player of my car until I wore it out, and her latest album Hang a Light is on track to do the same. 

On the mic during her weekly radio show Backroads on KABF 88.3 FM.

On the mic during her weekly radio show Backroads on KABF 88.3 FM.

1. Name, occupation, years in LR, neighborhood: Amy Garland Angel; UALR MSW Field Coordinator/Instructor; 20 years; Quapaw for 2 years, Stift Station for 18 years and--only just recently--Park Hill.

2. As a musician, you've played several venues around town. What has been your most memorable gig (besides that one time you opened for Steve Freakin' Earle)? One of my most memorable gigs was doing Riverfest  in probably 1998 or '99. We were playing on the amphitheatre stage that year. My bass player didn't show up, so I had to call someone at the last minute to replace him. Vernon Allgood, who was Michael Burks's bass player at the time, came through for me! It rained a total of one hour during the entire weekend--and it was during our set. Cody Short, lead guitar player, decided he was going to tempt fate. He stood on the edge of the amphitheatre stage in a downpour, while holding an electric guitar (which was plugged into an amp), which was plugged into live electricity! You could see the stage/sound guys holding their breath. We killed it that day, though. Almost literally.

3. What do you think is the best album to come out of LR in the past 15 years? Aw, man ... this is a tough question. There has been so much good music come out of LR in the past 15 years. I would have to say the album Michael Burks recorded in the studio in my old house on Rock Street with Stuart Baer engineering is one of the best ever. "From the Inside Out" (1999) was Michael's first release and was heralded by blues magazines--it really caused a stir. It is very rare to find a copy of this record and I believe the used ones go for $200 or so. This was really a breakthrough record for a musician who was the real deal. Michael's passionate vocals and powerful guitar playing, combined with his band's musicianship (Lance Womack, Stuart Baer and Vernon Allgood) truly made this an iconic record.

4. It's Sunday. Tell me what's on your agenda. It's Sunday a.m...first, there is some sort of caffeinated beverage. Then there's bacon. Then there's the Sunday paper. If it is nice outside, you will definitely find me outside doing something--whether it is yard work, playing with my family and/or friends. In the evening that feeling of the-weekend-is-over dread takes over and I'll probably do laundry and prep for the week ahead. Begrudgingly.

5. If you could eat at only one local restaurant for a month, what would it be? Little Rock/North Little Rock has some awesome restaurants. If I could only pick one for a whole month,  it would have to be Starving Artist Café. That Jason Morrell can sure make a good sauce! The menu always changes--no way I'd get tired of it. I really love the Starving Salad and the Ahi Tuna with Creole Sauce. Yummy goodness.

Head on out to the White Water Tavern to see Amy live tomorrow night (Saturday, Jan. 11, 9 p.m.). She’ll be playing with her good friends The Salty Dogs, another Little Rock favorite. Check out her music on Facebook or purchase her latest album at CD Baby. Tune into her weekly radio show on KABF Backroads, 88.3 FM or kabf.org, Fridays, 5-7 p.m.