10 Little Rock Things I Love

In honor of Valentine's Day, here are 10 things from Little Rock that make my heart beat aflutter. In no particular order:

1. The fries at Stickyz Rock 'n' Roll Chicken Shack. They are those really good shoestring kind and they sprinkle some sort of mixture of Old Bay and sunshine on top. A side of Creamy Dill dressing for dipping makes them even better.


2. My gold hoops by Myrrh Handmade Jewelry. I refused to tell my sister-in-law any other gift idea for myself so she was forced to go to Ember to buy them for me. Hey, that's what you get for asking me the day before Christmas Eve, Cristy!

3. The Love Factory print from RollandTumblePress that I've had my eye one forever. My sneaky husband bought it for me during a "trip to the bathroom" at the Heart of the Bar event. It's an excellent addition to my growing R&T collection.

4. One (or three) of David Burnette's Dark and Stormy cocktails, served to me while sitting on a barstool at South on Main

5. Silver Bullet earrings -- a gift from my girl, Bang-Up Betty. They are perfect for letting people know I mean business...and for precautions against werwolves. 

6. While originally from Argentina, I wouldn't know about TILIA's Malbec-Syrah if it weren't for the experts at Springhill Wine & Spirits. I love red wine, but like many folks, most varieties give me a migraine. This sustainably farmed red blend not only leaves me headache-free, but Dr. Oz says that Syrah is the healthiest. Win/win!

7. John Willis' King of the Cocktail Party. John's smooth timbre and catchy tunes keep my toes tapping even during my most stressful work days. 

8. The roasted zucchini salsa from Local Lime. Y'all. It sounds kinda odd, but it is so stinkin' good. It's made with a blend of roasted zucchini, green chili, cilantro, Mexican crema and lime, and is topped with toasted pumpkin seeds. The hubs and I are meeting friends there tomorrow night and all I can think about is getting my hands (and face) on it.


9. My striped Choose Love tank from Erin Lorenzen's line of clothing. I didn't see any for sale in her Etsy shop, but rumor has it you can still get them at The Green Corner Store.

10. Can I get sentimental for a second? I want to include all of the lovely people of Little Rock -- both strangers and friends -- who have been so complimentary and supportive of this website. It's only been six weeks and I already have more readers than I ever imagined (seriously, like 5,000 last month alone, y'all!).  Yeah, so shameless plug: if you haven't already, head over to Facebook and hit "like." I kinda like you, too.