Little Rock Film Festing

Things have been a little quiet around the offices (read: my couch), but we are shaking things up a bit to do a little seeing/be seen this week at the Little Rock Film Festival. 



On tonight's agenda:

Valley Inn - Emily Mason, a New Jersey college student, finds herself in a dusty dying small southern town, a thousand miles from home, selling Christian books door-to-door for the summer. Through a series of misadventures in “the Bookfield,” and her growing friendships with the endearing and often comical local residents, Emily begins to discover what is most valuable in life, at the Valley Inn. Tuesday, May 13, 8.30pm, CALS Ron Robinson Theater, 100 RiverMarket Avenue, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201 (repeat show Thursday, 1:45 pm at The Rep). 

Then, of course, we'll head to the post party at Stickz to hear some great tunes from Randall Shreve, Salty Dogs, Amy Garland and some other fine folks.

Stay tuned for more #LRFF2014 news, reviews photos and more. Now accepting agenda suggestions for the rest of the week! 

Purchase your passes or individual tickets at See you there.